Frequency is a YouTube channel with 350.000+ subscribers. They promote artist that make non-copyrighted music.

When you are using a track from Frequency, please add this in your description:

  • Music provided by Frequency
  • Track: (song name)
  • Link: (link to the video)

*Scroll down for demos


How to download

Stap 1:
Go to the channel.
Youtube noncopyright

Stap 2:
Choose a video.
Velosofy noncopyright

Stap 3:
Read the description and click on the download link.

Stap 4:
Click on the download button.
free download

Stap 5:
You are now on a website and you click on download.

Stap 6:
Login with Facebook

Stap 7:
Enter your email

Stap 8:
Download will start = free non-copyrighted content: photos, pictures, logos, music, sounds, designs : no copyright, nocopyright, non-copyrighted, rights free


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